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Eh, here's an incoherent entry from me. There are lotsa unexplained references here. I plan to treat these two themes at length in the future, separately, when I can actually make them comprehensible.

Words are our living tools, in effect perceiving reality without our involvement, and each has its own range of senses with which to perform that task. The representation of anything can be multiplied beyond count, giving terms of an objects as it appears, as it is cognized, as it is used, and as it differentiates other objects. And it is the third domain of meaning -- ultimately only the sum of presumed and assumed meanings not immediately available -- in which this work takes place. Via language we gather knowledge in ways not encompassed by description, interpretation or discourse, the articulation of every person's beliefs being like the returning sonar ping from some distant fact. So much for words returning from the world, now for...

On a whiteboard in a dream I clearly saw, as if it were a title, "Lhexa's Common Assumption". Language is entirely at my command, but its substrate is not, and in my mind it is clear which takes priority. I would like to know what that assumption is, but the scenario scared me awake. If my theories and hypotheses are nets I cast on the water, the truth is often the ocean itself. A fish is caught, but a storm catches the fisher. Sometimes a sentence is as much reality's tool as it is mine, and the least deliberate ideas usually remain the most compelling.

Date: 2005-07-03 12:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wickedorin.livejournal.com
Language fascinates me... how it moves, evolves, changes, the meanings lost... And still I feel so trapped by words.



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