Date: 2011-06-23 06:24 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] davv
The decision whether or not to abandon this world is an important one, even if the decision only takes place in one's fantasies. It is an arrogant person who offers advice on that decision, who claims to know the right choice.

True. It depends on whether the real world fits you. Congruence is a relative thing: a matter of both you and the thing you're interfacing with; and if I were to recommend, or worse, to force everybody else to go to my world instead of the current one, I'd be doing just the same error I see in others and try to distance myself from here (just with the signs flipped, as it were).

Thus, I'm not saying everybody should go to a world that is Not This, or that they should just go there to go to something that is different - but that for me, I can think of such worlds that would fit me much better.

For my part: I'm in love with this world, and find that I am easily provoked by offhand condemnations of it. Even granting the value of some ways of turning away from the world, I think you will find me speaking of such turnings more often in criticism than in praise.

Perhaps it is not so much the world as the people in it. I've experienced politics, I've experienced people who value power above truth, and I've experienced that (possibly particularly Norwegian?) variant of the tall poppy syndrome, Jante. But I don't think that's the whole of it, either; even in things that aren't malicious, others are so very different: interests that are not mine, and dynamics that aren't mine, either.

I suppose what I'm saying is to agree with you in a sense: to turn away just to turn away? One shouldn't do that. But to turn away to seek something that fits better? That's a different matter.
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