lhexa ([personal profile] lhexa) wrote2010-11-16 04:39 am

Scraps: "Apathy"

Wisdom is an eloquence of action. A single action is no more wise than a single word is eloquent.

...And I believe that cleverness may serve as a template for wisdom.

Nothing is essentially a vice.

The Friday before last, I spent some time with Dr. Rindler, the man who had been my mentor in Dallas, who had provided many good conversations about physics, indulged me in my notion of completeness, and demanded explanations from the top tier graduate schools when they rejected me. I spent much of the first thirty minutes of this long overdue conversation on the edge of tears, wanting desperately to tell him that I am thriving in graduate school, but constrained by honesty to tell him I am lucky. One question nearly made me break down: he asked, "Do the people here realize how special you are?" But I have not yet lived up to the promise of myself.