Date: 2008-09-16 04:59 pm (UTC)
I think you strike an excellent balance between levity and seriousness, and I wouldn't call anything you do 'undignified', but that may just be my own lack of a foot in the dignified world speaking. :)

The flip side of dignity creating distance is that too much silliness can do the same thing. It becomes intrusive or obvious as the defense mechanisim that it is and can (deliberately or not) cut off communication. So I think the balance you strike is in the 'very good' range.

Is one's relationship to humanity maybe an abstract form of one's relationship with friends?, there's more to it than that, because that's a capital-I-Ideas-thing (and I don't know anyone who is close personal friends with the IDEA of a friend!), but I'm always drawn to reversing questions. :)

One of my friends has very strong negative reactions to impermanence. It is a scary thing, I definitely agree with that! It's frustrating that very trite responses (Live each day, etc) really ARE rational, useful responses, because I'd perfer to have an idea about the subject that dosen't come printed on doilies, but oh well, I guess I'll have to find my individualism elsewhere. ;) Acknowledgment of impermanence is useful if it gets me off my duff, though, so I'll take that! Being stunned into inactivity by it, THAT is ironic, scary and really sad. :/

I'm embarassed to quote pop music lyrics, but then I'm used to self-mockery, so:

"...only you, not face to face, but side by side forevermore."

(Emerson, Lake and Palmer) ...always struck me as a really nice sentiment. The notion that two people should form an isolated, complete world for each other, which I hear from different directions now and then (and I think I've been there myself) I do not see as desirable or good. Helping someone do the good they do, being open about admiration of thier passion, providing what small support one can to them as they pursue thier goals (which will sometimes vary from week to week!) is a Good Thing.

Very nicely expressed, sir. :)
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